Bagong Silang Oct-Nov Updates

Some of the recent updates for Bagong Silang:

  • Official Selection for St John’s International Women’s Film Festival 2012. The festival happened in October 16-21 of this year in Canada. (


  • Official Selection for Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival in Brazil, which is currently still on-going (Nov 1-8, 2012) As part of its programming, Bagong Silang is going to be screened on Nov 3 as part of its International Competition 1 strand. For more information please visit the festival website:


  • Another great film festival to be part of…! London Lift-Off Film Festival and we will be showing along Shooting Freetown one of the nominated documentaries for this year’s One World Media Awards and Walking Tall , one of the lovely films we were up against in the last Rushes Short Fest! Bagong Silang will be screened on 28th November, Wednesday 3.30-5.30pm at the Tricycle Cinema/ Soho Curzon.




  • And Lastly, British Council Film has included Bagong Silang in its Shorts Support Scheme. You can find more information about the said scheme through this link:


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